“It’s music to my ears when people tell me they enjoy my products.
My mission is to make sure every bite tops the last.”

-Pauline Marasek

Since 1999, Pauline Marasek has been stirring up a loyal fan base for her delicious, handmade treats. A former 80’s rock band singer, Pauline took her family’s traditional brittle recipe and turned it into a bonafide hit among confection lovers in Southern California, the U.S. and around the world.

Before opening a brick-and-mortar shop in 2004 in Burbank, CA, Pauline perfected the “It” Factor for her signature product— Pecan Brittle—in her home kitchen by making gifts for friends and family. All. By. Hand. After testing several versions using a variety of nuts, including peanuts used in “traditional brittle,” Pauline discovered pecans made her confections sing with unmistakable, unmatched flavor; she was ready to entertain the mouths of the masses.

Today, Pauline believes the “proof is in the pecans” when it comes to her addictive, star-studded sweets. That, along with simple, quality ingredients, a commitment to freshness and her “secret technique,” keeps customers coming back for more and more.

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Welcome! Would you like a sample?

Welcome! Would you like a sample?